The Ultimate Guide to create your Kernel in Kaggle

This is like the most usefull resource on practical AI that you can possibly find today! Have you ever wanted to play around with the AMAZING Kaggle datasets? If this interests you, buckle in!

Getting Started!

If you are new to Kaggle, you can create your account with

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Kaggle

You already logged in Kaggle

Ok, Now you already have logged into Kaggle, to start playind around you can go to the competitions. You can have a look at the most recent and what prizes they offer.

Humpback Whale Identification Challenge

In this tutorial we’re going to be looking at the recent ( late 2018 ) Humpback Whale Identification Challenge, MNIST is also a good place to start, you can look have a look at how simple it is.  

Creating your first Kernel

Now we get to the competitions page, you can see a blue button called “New Kernel”, just press it .

Using Jupyter NOTEBOOKS

If you have never heard of Jupyter Notebooks ( Do you live in a cave? hahhaa ). They are an amazing resource to share replicable code, they were used even for the Gravitational Waves! Pretty amazing not? We are going to be using them in our Kernels at Kaggle

Game ON!

Now the Game is On! We can have amazing Kernels and share with the community!

Commiting your changes

If you aren’t familiar with the term commit have a look here (This channel has also Amazing resources within the Data Science field! ). You can commit your changes, don’t worry, this wont make your Kernel public yet, you can go nuts!

Your profile has your Kernels! 

You finished all your code and tests and now you are ready to move on! Make the final commit and go to your profile. There lies your precious Kernels! 

Almost There!

You can open your Kernel by clicling on the title


To make your now Private Kernel Public you need to click on the “Access” button


Change the Privacy Options from Private to Public and that’s it! But wait, my kernel isn’t showing up, I know I know, I’ve been were you are. If you went to the public kernels and didn’t find your own, don’t panic, the Kaggle website takes sometime to update the Kernels. Now be PROUD, you’ve made your very first public Kernel!


In this video I’ll show you how the 10 major steps in creating your very first simple model to this Whale Competion! If you enjoy the content, consider subscribing and activating the notification, I upload videos every week on Data Science topics!

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