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Kaggle, playing around with Handwritten digits!

A Problem that many beginners pass through starting in Machine Learning is how to get data. But don't fear here's how you can solve this problem.


Kaggle to the rescue

Kaggle it's a great place to start playing around. I remember when I started and played around with the Titanic dataset. It's also a great place to find explanations on how to approach a problem and how to make EDA ( Exploratory Data Analysis ). Last but not least, if you're already a pro, you can go further and always participate on the current competitions.

Help Business Solve Problems

You can get hands on business problems for companies like Google, Quora, Facebook, Microsoft. So it's a great way to help creating a mindset wired to understand and build tools that aggregate the most value to your business 

Getting Started with MNIST 


Numbers & Dataframes

Numpy & Pandas are great libraries and are already installed when you use Anaconda. They'll help you a long way through you career as a Data Scientist because you become way more productive.

Step by Step

  • Import pandas & numpy
  • Load the csv dataset with read_csv
  • Separate your labels from your images
  • Convert into a numpy array ( believe me, it'll help you later )

Bônus Tips

  • Import matplotlib 
  • Plot your handwritten digit
  • Play around 

If you're interested in the code you can find it here, if you want more content like this, I have a YouTube Channel

Congratulations are in order
and you've taken the first step to be a Kaggle Grandmaster