IBM Watson, 3 Things you need to know about

If you are just getting started with AI and Machine Learning but you don't know Watson, here's a few things about IBM Watson.


First thing you should know about IBM Watson

Watson has an API that you can use, for a price, that provides a few common tasks in the Artificial Intelligence field such as NLP ( Natural Language Processing ) , Text to speech, Language Translation.

ibm watson applications

IBM Waton applications

Second thing you should know about IBM Watson

Business expertise, the IBM Watson slogan is that you can "Learn more with less data". A big problem companies face when wanting to start in AI is the availability of data. Because of this business could introduce bias in the application, you can learn more pratical approach to bias here. The cognitive tool proposes, in certain fields like medical, a good experience even with you don't have enough data.  

ibm watson in health care

IBM Watson for Oncology

Third thing you should know about IBM Watson

IBM makes a great deal of marketing in top of Watson. But sometimes it fails to achieve the tasks in the colossal way they advertise. IBM Watson yet fails to be a GAI ( General Artificial Intelligence ). Nonetheless, it has gone a long way and achieve strong milestones in the field. If you want more content like this, I have a YouTube Channel

  • Rawan Hawangledt Silva de Campos says:

    Hello Jhonatan, thanks for the post. In my conception the Watson AI is the most “popular” today. And maybe the one that fueled the fever over this kind of technology. Perhaps this phenomenon is mainly due to the significant perfomance in the medical field, a complicated branch of conquering, perhaps the fireproof of modern technologies. But let’s face it, with this “Learn more with less data” slogan, it’s hard not to create sympathy.

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