How the layers of the CNN work

Convolutional Neural Networks are heavily used in computer vision and recomendation systems. The magic behind Neural Networks in general lies on hidden layers as well as training, but how these layers work on Convolutional Neural Nets? Learning new features If you haven’t been around Convolutional Neural Networks and want a quick intro you might want […]

Convolutional Neural Networks made it easy

If you haven’t heard about Convolutional Neural Networks yet ( Do you live in a cave? Just kidding ), or Neural Networks in general, I bet you’ve heard all about it’s applications. They’re used in recognition systems such as Face recognition, handwritten digits recognition and also used in my loved example, self-driving cars ( I […]

How Neural Networks see the world?

Neural networks are all over the place and have been extremely successfull. Have you ever stopped to think about how a computer learns to see the world as well as a person? How they can recognize your face in smart devices authentication process and furthermore your retina? To do this smart devices use deep learning […]

Kaggle, MNIST & Neural Networks

It’s time to get your hand’s on training your Neural Network, because you are going are going to be capable of working through parameters with real data coming from the MNIST Kaggle competion. Hands on real data If you haven’t been following the previous steps, you can check out how Kaggle works and how to […]

Training your Neural Networks

If you haven’t created your first neural network, you can look furthermore here. Now it’s time to take the first step because you’re going to train your Neural Network and if this interests you, let’s go for it.  Creatingthemodel The first thing you should do when creating a Neural Network is choosing how the overall […]

It’s never been easier to play around with Neural Networks

Neural Networks are all over the place, you can see them in fields like Robotics in Self-Driving-Cars, in Medical assistance with Watson and many others applications. When people talk about it sounds cryptic and really hard. But here’s how you can create one yourself. Neural Networks Neural Networks are used in Self driving cars. They […]

Step by step guide to build your own Perceptron pet

It’s time  Now we are going to be creating our owl personal Perceptron, be creative with what you would do with him. In this example we are going to use it as a Logic  AND Gate Learn how to create yourPerceptron We’re going to be creating in 3 different ways – Normal Python Lists  –  […]

The building blocks of Deep Learning

What are the building blocks?  Deep learning is based in Neural Networks, but what are the underlying blocks of NN? Perceptrons The most basic part of a Neural Network is called Perceptron. But how does it work?   If you go back to your high school math class, maybe you can remember that piece of equation […]