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Kaggle Tutorial : Competitions – Part II

This Kaggle competition is a great way to get your hands on real data science and data analysis problems.   We are going to take the first steps to the kaggle competition today! YEAH! To participate in kaggle, one of the major choices one has to make today is what deep learning frameworks to use, […]

Kaggle Tutorial : Competitions – Part I

This Kaggle competition is a great way to get your hands on real data science and data analysis problems. Humpback Whale Identification One of the major problems when learning data science is how to get your hands on real problems. If you want to become a real data scientist or learn data science, Kaggle is […]

Kaggle Image Competions, How to work with large Datasets

When I have to deal with Huge image datasets, this is what I do. Working with image datasets in Kaggle competitions can be quite problematic, your computer could just freeze and don’t care about you anymore. To stop this things from happening, I’m going to be sharing with you here the 5 Major Steps to […]

The Ultimate Guide to create your Kernel in Kaggle

This is like the most usefull resource on practical AI that you can possibly find today! Have you ever wanted to play around with the AMAZING Kaggle datasets? If this interests you, buckle in! Getting Started! If you are new to Kaggle, you can create your account with Google Facebook Kaggle You already logged in […]

Do you trust your gut? A probabilistic approach.

Having some conversations about the Monty Hall experiment and got quite surprised on how many people even after the explanation, still think that they would have more chances of winning by sticking with the first choice. I started to think, there has to be a way that I can explain this better. Elaborating on this […]

How the layers of the CNN work

Convolutional Neural Networks are heavily used in computer vision and recomendation systems. The magic behind Neural Networks in general lies on hidden layers as well as training, but how these layers work on Convolutional Neural Nets? Learning new features If you haven’t been around Convolutional Neural Networks and want a quick intro you might want […]

Convolutional Neural Networks made it easy

If you haven’t heard about Convolutional Neural Networks yet ( Do you live in a cave? Just kidding ), or Neural Networks in general, I bet you’ve heard all about it’s applications. They’re used in recognition systems such as Face recognition, handwritten digits recognition and also used in my loved example, self-driving cars ( I […]

Your AI application in the real world. Here’s how.

Let’s talk about how you can bring your AI application into the world. Machine Learning and AI projects are getting a lot of attention these days. A great deal of libraries are in the game. You can easily play around and fast enough create your on model, maybe even test it on some dataset on […]

How Neural Networks see the world?

Neural networks are all over the place and have been extremely successfull. Have you ever stopped to think about how a computer learns to see the world as well as a person? How they can recognize your face in smart devices authentication process and furthermore your retina? To do this smart devices use deep learning […]

Kaggle, MNIST & Neural Networks

It’s time to get your hand’s on training your Neural Network, because you are going are going to be capable of working through parameters with real data coming from the MNIST Kaggle competion. Hands on real data If you haven’t been following the previous steps, you can check out how Kaggle works and how to […]